Life is never easy my friend, you need to cross hurdles and move forward. Sometimes it will be pretty difficult to handle… Sometimes we may feel like giving up but remember darkness is visible only because of failure is just a will pass..

Never loose hope or else it will become impossible to live… 

We should try all the colours…the dark ones and also the light ones.. Dance when life makes it difficult to breathe…

Sing when the music gets lost from your life…and draw when you are holding back emotions for a very long time.. It is very easy to write but equally difficult to execute.. I KNOW.. but you can genuinely try for the sake of it ..

Look around, discover, judge and move forward.


2 responses to “Try”

  1. Deboshree Avatar

    I feel good now..thank you Agnija 💓


    1. agnija22 Avatar

      My pleasure dear ❤


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