Walking across the street she saw a man bending down his knees to gift her woman a Rose…

Oh she remembered that Rose Day is here once again… She felt happy and rushed home.. As she entered home she realised that the man who use to gift her roses is busy with the new woman whom he is dating now.. As she closed her eyes… There he was young strong with passion in his eyes waiting for her to get down the stairs… Well she was a kind of woman who never expected any materialistic gifts from her man but this tiny little things amazed her..

He bent down his knees and presented the two roses he bought to her saying “One for you and one for us ” 

She had tears in her eyes unable to explain how she felt…or maybe the tears said it all… It was a promise that every year he would bring two roses to her and say the same lines and prove to her that he actually loves her…

And then with tears she opened her eyes and thought to herself how promises fade with time… She took out the old diary where she use to confess all her feelings… As she opened the 7th February page of her diary she found two roses … Roses have turned old …dried petals fell off …she bent down and picked them and wondered only if she had the Fountain of youth with her.. the roses would have blossomed again and perhaps her broken heart would have beated fast once again… 

Oh dear love never fades… It’s the rose that fades with time… Feelings don’t… It is all fresh inside our heart … Roses are a way to express love but it’s the heart that keeps the promise..


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