I never thought my life would change in a day by a person who was just a stranger but only for that day.

Well I met him in a very awkward situation but he is the one who made me smile and  I actually spoke after months.. There was something in his smile that reminded me of my past.. I tried to speak but couldn’t…and he left..

I didn’t know his name and so it was impossible to find him again…

He left a huge long lasting impression on me just like perfumes do..

 … Initially you don’t get the fragrance but finally it relaxes you..

I tried finding him on the social media … I just knew his initials and that too was not sure whether I saw it right… Each day it was getting difficult to deal with that single day… He was the one who started the conversation and I’m glad he did… A decent sobre guy with a magical smile … That’s all I knew about him…

Okay one more thing I observed about him was he had a secret hidden inside him..a loneliness that has made a barrier for outsiders ..

From that day I started searching for him on the social media trying different names…

My friends helped me a lot..at times I added the wrong guy and then laughed realising the level of madness in me.. about a month later I fell sick …had some medical issues…and also had stopped thinking about him… I wished I met him and thanked him for what he did that day..

Well coincidences happen very often but God had finally listened to me.. I couldn’t believe that.. I saw him again… Yes for a moment my eyes couldn’t believe it actually happened… 

Yes I know his name now… Waiting for the unexpected to happen… Perhaps someday I’ll be able to express him how madly I searched for him… I don’t know whether it’s a crush or something else but whatever happened it was a first time in my life.. 



2 responses to “Coincidence ❤”

  1. Deboshree Avatar

    I wish everything will be all right


    1. agnija22 Avatar

      I hope he doesn’t read this 😂


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