To confess or to hide.. which one did you choose?

Love critics suggest that a man or a woman should not confess his or her feelings to their lover..they say that confessing makes you should hide it and test the patience of the other person till that person finds a new partner and you finally end up regretting.. I mean why is that so? Why should we hide our own selves? Why do we have to be unpredictable all the time? 

You shall find no answer except one that is we are humans and to avoid getting hurt we should just take a few precautions..

Well I’m no critic … but I would just like to share something that will help you to decide that what’s better? Confessing or just hiding?

Firstly in this harsh world people lock themselves up inside a shell so if you are hiding too …Dear you are not uncommon but you are extremely common 😊

Secondly if you think that playing with one’s feelings by not accepting or not confessing back is cool and perfect then you are wrong… You are going the wrong way..

Speaking your heart out to the one you love is bravery ..caring without expecting is what angels do…

And giving without even thinking about a return is humanity … That’s not being foolish..

So all those men and women who confess without thinking about the reply are the most uncommon ones on this planet.. they are the coolest and the most honest creation of a mother.. 👌

If you read this article please give it a thought and change.. who cares about the reply…just think that you finally confessed bravely… ❤

Thank you.


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