What happens when you want something and you don’t get it? 

World splits down the middle and you finally feel that you are a loser.. you can’t achieve anything…etc etc..

I know how that feels.. I’ve been experiencing that since I was a kid.. 

But you know I am still surviving… 

You know why?

Because I have learnt that if you don’t get something initially you try to get it …put efforts and then even after that if you don’t get it ..just accept it that it’s not yours.. walk out of it…

Don’t ever regret later that you didn’t give it a try… Try and then leave the rest on the destiny.. That’s how things work..

While I am writing this… I am too facing the same problem …the same feeling that when the others got their chance to do something..why didn’t I get it? Perhaps I’m the special one… Perhaps this is not my chance…

So don’t feel disappointed… Disheartened…

Someday you will get your chance and that day all the others will look up to you…

With your head held high just ignore them and reach your place where you belong.. 😊


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