How does it feel to be depressed?

Right now if you are depressed will you be able to explain how you are feeling right now? No.. you could just imagine could maybe think but you will never be able to put them into words.. well yes this is how it feels to be depressed.. when you don’t even wanna let people know you are burning inside.. you loose all the hopes and probably prefer to be try to socialise with people because you don’t wanna let them know that you are depressed.. the whole point is why? Well we all want our good and positive side to be shown to the external world even when we are bleeding internally each day… Stress.. struggles these are much different to being depressed.. people say being depressed and going into a depression are two different concepts.. but have you ever thought that the former finally results into the later condition if not treated properly?

If you think that your mate is depressed stop telling him to cheer up because he might have tried each and every possible way to bounce back but couldn’t.. instead just hold his hand.. be a silent listener even when he is not telling anything… One day he might open up when he finds the comfort in you..

When you talk to a depressed person never point out saying that “Don’t be so negative minded” or “Try to be happy” these phrases will worsen the situation instead of helping.. instead try to make him feel good about himself even when there is no positive vibes left.. giving hopes won’t ruin things right..?

The worse part of being depressed is that you feel that you are different from everyone and you can’t really open up because they won’t understand you.. so make sure when you are conversing to a depressed person don’t make him feel like one instead try to relate to his situation to make him feel like one normal person just like you..

When your mate is depressed for a prolonged period and you are unable to help please act like one…visit a psychologist and then narrate the importance of it and how you have benefited.. don’t suggest him but your personal story can encourage him a little to take external help..

Hope these Little points will help us to take a step towards helping people who are depressed because each and every individual is God gifted.. and it is our duty to see that individual is happy with the one and only life he is living..

Thanks for reading 😇


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