Do you think it’s easy to battle your own mind every day? I don’t know why so much importance is given to people who suffer from diseases and are down physically but what about mental issues?

How does it exactly feel to go on even when you are tired?

Let me tell you how the situation is.

When you are sick you tend to rest, because your body gives up, your body demands to rest, you feel tired physically. Have you ever thought how terrible it would be when your mind feels the same and your body is just doing fine? Your body asks you to go on because they are active but your mind they need to lie down, need to rest, they feel tired but they can’t because your body doesn’t feel the need to. This is exactly what it feels to suffer from mental disorder(a term used by the specialists).. Initially if you have never faced it, it will be very difficult for me to convince you but if you think about it, I think each one of you can bring a change to those people who are mentally almost dead.

Imagine every morning your mind , your soul is tired, they are down with fever, cough and cold and they need a nap, but your body? He is telling you no.. you don’t need to rest because he is fine.. he is ready for today, he is ready to jump, dance, sing and laugh.. the mind eventually gives up and joins his body… And it goes on for days and then his mind starts panicking and starts protesting.. just like siblings fight over a TV remote his mind fights with his body and the doctors declare that his mind is having disorders.. do you really think that his mind is doing something wrong? No… But they don’t have a choice to take rest, so when they want to, people say that they are suffering from a mental disorder…

Think about it till I write again… Because thinking can change anything and everything… Both in a positive as well as in a negative way..

Thank you for reading.


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