Taking a decision for a lifetime is the most courageous thing you can do. I was in college when I decided to come out of a relationship that was not only disturbing my peace of mind but also my mental health. It took me a lot of time to realize that more than love you need peace and care from your partner…the ongoing struggles are okay but the constant pressure that eats you up from within is not at all the right way to go about it…

Women are powerful, fierce and they don’t need any external support or suggestions to come to a decision..by the time you’ll be explaining her about what is right and what is wrong she has probably made her choice…

Keep yourself as the priority, i know most of us forget that but still it’s the most powerful weapon one can have… There will be people who will try to convince you to sacrifice, give yourself completely..but that’s not for what we are meant to be… We are meant to be independent…and that doesn’t mean getting a job and earning lots…that could be your attitude and the way you deal with people.


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