What is this behaviour when I feel hot and cold at the very same time and I do not know whether I should stop thinking about that and just feel the emotion within me make a sound and let everyone around me know what I am feeling. Tez goes by and I keep feeling the same emotion al Al together that is hot and cold. Anxiety makes me mad I want to shout I want to scream, I panic, I feel like someone is choking me, I feel like something is there right on my chest trying to kill me and depression makes me feel like I am dead cold I don’t feel anything I don’t feel like crying I don’t feel like smiling I don’t feel like any emotion is alive within me that’s how I feel and this hot and cold is killing me. Even though I am taking medical help I am going for therapies I am on medication but all of this works only when you are able to work on yourself and I think when those hot and cold think happens you are not able to think like normally and you end up doing something bad like hurting yourself or having suicidal thoughts and these are so common and this are so relevant to the condition you are facing and I just wanted to tell you all that you are not alone, I am there and with me there are many others who are feeling the same way and that is why we need to unite and talk to each other to feel better. Thank you.

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