When night is your enemy. What exactly happens at night, everybody silent nobody is talking everyone is sleeping. But look at you, you are wide awake trying to figure out things, trying so that you can make things work. But you are alone you can’t talk to anyone because you cannot this close all the personal details to them can you? So there you are sitting online down thinking about life what happened to you during the day how people mistreated you ,misinterpreted you, misunderstood you! I know I am not good at writing but now I am able to express myself. Trying to improve bit by bit so that people like me can reach out to people like you. I apologize if I am sending out a wrong message. The night for us is not always easy even if we tired ourselves out and we try to sleep we are unable to sleep. So my beautiful people whoever is reading this you’re not alone you have someone who is equally suffering and having some sort of sleep disorder in fact I have sleep apnea, and I use CPAP machine to sleep so let me know if you want to talk about it if you want to tell me what you are going through I’ll be there to listen. THANK YOU FOR NOW THAT’S IT.

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