There is a reason I am telling this. People like us stay in a rooms on Sundays. There are friends who ask us out and they offer us a drink or so but we decline. We know how difficult socialising is. So we spend our Sundays at home with the back full of food, a laptop in front of us playing some random movie that we saw some 20 years ago and we cry over it and we feel alone and also we feel like no one is like us. Whoever is reading this post and can relate is a part of me and that is why now I know that I am not alone. I usually spend my Sundays inside my house trapped in a room and I keep on eating and eating and eating till I feel sick and I keep on binge watching old Romcoms and I try to believe that they are true and they will happen one day. Am I wrong? Please tell me I am not wrong and someday some Prince charming is gonna come to me and they are going to come in a form of a normal person who would just try to understand me. Sunday’s are darkdays you know because everyone else is enjoying and you just scroll on your social media and you see that everyone is somewhere chilling maybe at home or maybe outside or they are doing something productive and here you are sitting and watching something you’ve watched like 20 to 30 times and still you are not guilty about it. You have your own safe zone of comfort and you are not going to sacrifice that for someone who is an acquaintance. So let’s celebrate our Sundays like doing nothing which is also like doing something and Sundays are dark days but dark days end and their comes another day. So again Monday is a dark day again, and so everything is dark for us but we need to celebrate the dark days too. We are not alone we have ourselves and that is the most important thing in this entire world. Thank you for reading. If you relate leave a message.


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