Comparison sucks. As a kid I was always compared to different people maybe for their hair, for their looks, for the behaviour, for their way of dealing things ,for their maturity, etc. I use to be really sad and angry like I am a different individual why should I be compared? I was precious I was unique but I did not understand that back then. I compared myself to people like look at her she’s got the perfect body, look at her she’s got the perfect grades, look at her, her dance moves is so perfect, look at her she sings so well, look at her language is so poised! I mean are generation was brought up like that, that you have to compare yourself to others and then you have to pull up your socks and start performing and be the best in every way. Not blaming anyone like teachers, students, parents no one but the entire society I think that is to be blamed. So coming back to a comparison A to B, B to C and C to C, that’s all we need to learn just be like C, compare yourself to yourself just make sure that you are growing for good, for bad accept it, deal with it , get over it and start a fresh day. I am writing this specially in the morning so that if any of you will be reading this they will have a great day they will stop comparing themselves to others, they will start comparing themselves to themselves and they will see how beautifully they have grown over the last how many years they have been on this earth. I wish you good luck and i just wish that the inner child in us always always lives and i don’t know whether it is celebrated there where you stay but in india we are celebrating children’s day today so happy children’s day 🌻


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