Do you think body shaving is only limited to vocal embarrassment? I don’t think so because eyes do a lot of body shaming than words do. The other day I was walking on the streets and there was this person looking at me and trying to figure out what size am I fitting in and I looked back at him and I tried to convey that it doesn’t matter even if you are judging me go ahead and judge me I don’t care. Everybody on social media is posting regarding how they are losing weight but nobody tells you that it is okay to be what you are because you are going through so many body issues specially women and we are unable to lose weight even if we are starving or we are doing a hell lot of exercise. I use to be really heavy because of my mental health issues I take medication and that is why I am heavy and I just can’t stop the medication so I can’t lose weight so easily but people use to tell me hey you are sitting at home that’s why you are gaining a lot of weight it is not because of medication but I knew the fact and I tried to figure out what made me happy, writing made me happy. I tried writing it out in my diary and realising that I am trying my best everyday to do something positive and losing weight is not exactly one of them but if you choose to stay healthy and because of gaining weight you are facing a lot of health issues then it’s time that you should be worried about your health and do something so that you can lose weight, otherwise you can be what you want to be and nobody has the right to judge you. Still now when i visited physician day tell me lose weight and everything will be fine the fail to understand that it is not always physical sometimes it is mental and it takes a lot of effort to deal with that. So so I request everyone that concentrate on your mental health, your mental being and listen to your heart don’t fall into the trap of this world and waste another day of your life these might sound like dialogues or speeches but I mean it I have been through this journey for almost a decade and I know exactly how things work. I have taken a break from work and I don’t regret it I am healing and I am trying to overcome everything I have gone through. I know everyone can’t afford to take a break from work because of financial issues but I just hope you have a friend with whom you can talk anything and everything and if you don’t find any of them I am here I am sitting idle and I can help you out by just listening to you and not judging you, you are beautiful Just the way you are. Have a nice day and I love you all take care bye.


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