We have been told multiple times by many people that we have to detach ourselves from people like family members or siblings or friends or ex partners or strangers but we did not manage to do so. Let’s discuss about things how we can proceed with that and I’m gonna share how I am planning to do that with a family member because till now I am not able to do it and now I’m trying my best to do it in the near future. Firstly we will differentiate the various members of detachment process like I said family members, friends, ex partners, strangers. Firstly let’s talk about family members. We always have that one toxic member in our family who we want to detach from because we love them so much. How can we do that ? Firstly few of our friends who really care for us take care of us they always tell us to concentrate on ourself so that’s the first point that I would like to mention, concentrate on yourself, detach bit by bit, always remember that the first priority is you. It is our bad part and also sad that we want to celebrate our firsts with someone very close to us, we don’t want to do it alone but the most effective way of detaching yourself from a toxic family member is celebrating your firsts with yourself with a lot of joy and not thinking that I am alone and I do not have anybody to share my Joy with. The most cliched dialogue of all times, stop expecting from them like today I brought something like a earring and I am expecting that that one family member would appreciate that and would be very very happy that I got something new but that’s not the case sometimes they don’t even care you brought something or not so that’s the point, you have to enjoy your own company and that doesn’t come within a day or a month or year it comes with practice bit by bit like I said. Also speaking of a positive side they have their own life and their own struggles so it’s not always possible that they will contribute to your life or will be interested to know about your life but you have to create your own space and be interested in your own life and stop thinking about their life and thinking about how you can help them, remember they can help themselves. So till now I have managed to write this far and I am trying to work on it and like I said I am not yet successful but I thought of sharing the points I have written in my diary so that I can make it possible. If any of it works let me know and if any of it works for me I will also let you know in the next blog. Thank you. Take care . Bye.


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