Has it ever happened to you that you thought that you had a very very nice sibling but it costed you a lot? It has happened to many people. I have seen very close people to me having the same problem of sibling detachment. I am really surprised how a blood related person could be so selfish and can treat another sibling so bad. But keeps happening you accept it or not. How exactly can you detach yourself from your sibling? Even though I have no personal experience but I would still like to suggest some points that can help you detach yourself from a sibling but as you know you still love them but you can’t be treated like shit from them.

Firstly don’t ever give them the chance to counter attack. Secondly even if you have a sibling you should be your first priority same as the family member. Thirdly you are your only sibling and you have to take care of yourself no matter what so whatever other people tell you don’t listen to them. Detaching isn’t easy because you are so related to them and so dependent on them mentally that you can’t detach yourself from them. The only key way to do is to be the way you are the warm hearted the soulful person who is not afraid to love others but don’t forget to love yourself. This blog won’t be long because like I said I don’t have any prior experience in this but still I have seen my friends around and they are equally annoyed and irritated with the fact that their own people are betraying them so the only suggestion from my end will be just take care of yourself and make sure that you are there with yourself and nobody else comes in between that and you give nobody the right to treat you differently because you are special and you need to be treated so specially. In the next blog I will talk about how to detach yourself from friends till then take care. Bye.

3 responses to “Mission Detachment – Siblings”

  1. passionfortruths Avatar

    I believe the wise Buddha once said… “All suffering comes from attachment….Be a detached observer in Life.”

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    1. agnes22 Avatar

      Absolutely true… Detachment is very difficult but that’s the key,,!!


      1. passionfortruths Avatar

        Yes.. it’s difficult.. In my healing practice, I have come across clients who just couldn’t let go.. and their agony continues. Sad bit true…


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