Have you ever thought about fire? Fire is always hated by everyone because when we talk about fire we always talk about the literal destruction fire brings like in literal sense. What about the warmth fire gives, what about the light because of which we are alive, because of which the entire human being is alive. We see each other because of light, we are able to survive because of light and light comes from fire from the Sun everything that has got fire warmth and light. My name is agnija and agnija means born from fire in India. People usually ask me that are you the destroyer? I always prefer to answer that I am the fire that destroys herself to bring light and warmth to the world. Fire is always burning and burning means dying so now you realise that fire burns itself to bring light and warmth to everyone and whom we blame? the FIRE! This block would be really small because I don’t want to justify that why fire is important. Why exactly fire is hated we don’t know but we know this much that we are alive and looking at each other and the beauty of this world because of fire the light , the very essence of our being. Thanks for reading. Have a great day. Don’t worry and love yourself bye.

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