Have you ever wondered how blessed we are that we are already aware that we have mental health issues? After struggling so much we agreed that there is nothing wrong with us …there is something wrong with our society.. people always say that this is your illness,this is your illness but don’t you think that everyone of us is ill but few people just blame it on us? I started knowing that I have mental health issues from 2016. I remember how I suddenly felt sad and I did not have a reason to feel sad and then I started noticing these little things like there was always a pair of eyes following me even at bed I felt there was someone criticising me, judging me for the way I am. Since childhood I always felt hot and cold, sometimes very energetic a lot of talking and sometimes so low that I can’t even get out of bed . I thought something was definitely wrong with me and and the worst person on this earth. Then I bravely asked my parents to take me to a doctor with whom I can share my mental problems. Explain to me that the society is flawed and how our problems are being highlighted while they escape their problems. I am a human and I have flaws and everyone else has the same. The only difference is we are brave enough to ask for help while the others are still in the process to realise that they needs help. It is fine to not realise that they have mental health issues but the point is they have no right to criticize us or our problems. Now when I look back I feel very grateful towards my parents that they supported me in this case and today standing in 2022 I still feel bad but I know I am improving. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder ,OCD and borderline personality disorder. I am aware of my illnesses and I am working hard so that I can manage the symptoms and live a healthy life. I’m specially writing this so that if one of you read this and feels that they need help but they are scared and afraid I assure you things you gonna improve specially when you take professional help. I know all of you can’t afford professional help even I am not having a job right now and I have financial crisis but somehow I’m still continuing it till it lasts because I know the significance of it. At least if you consult a doctor once you would at least know where you stand. There are many self help books and many communities and the people out there have improved and can help you by talking it out. Like I said if you want to talk to me and the details about how I have improved you can leave a comment here and I will connect to you personally. It took me 7 years to realise the significance of help and like help which will make me improve as a person and I will not be ashamed to seek help. Mental health disorder is a blessing because we are flawed and we accept it .Till next post take care of yourself and I love you all bye.


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