Here I am at about 10:00 p.m. at night in India. I feel sad ,I feel lonely, I feel detached and that’s what I was talking about detachment. But I really need to be honest detachment comes with a tag, lonely. I have been thinking all evening what to write to keep us engaged ,to keep us connected. I understood one thing that the things I share, you can relate to it and that is why I should keep writing. I am so happy with the response I have got in the last few post and whoever is reading this post I really really feel and I really really want that you do so great in life that you forget all your sorrows and be happy forever. Even though I know forever is a lie but those moments mean forever for us right? I’ll keep it short today because I am very very sleepy. And I really really wish that you all can sleep in peace and wake up tomorrow and tomorrow brings a smile on your face. I am slowly slowly connecting with you all and trust me I am feeling so much better that so many of you out there can relate to me and now I feel that I am not alone. Mental health disorder is definitely ablis because you get so many friends who can relate to you. I mention friends because a person who can relate to you or share the same disorder never remains a stranger they turn into a friend or a soulmate. Good night take care and I’m gonna come back tomorrow and write a lot of things that you might relate to and that’s what my blog will always be about.


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