I remember when I went to a store to shop for my sister’s wedding ,I told them that my size is xxl and they replied by looking at my boobs that it is XL, that’s how plus size feels! Everyone we are judged and we are not allowed to select clothes according to what we feel is our size. I have several experience is where I will told a size smaller than what I was comfortable in. Unfortunately few brands don’t even have xxl and nothing more than L and nothing less than S which is also a point to be noted, skinny people are tolerating shit too. I know few brands where plus sizes are available but they don’t fit you or they are just not perfect fit for your body. We just go around and round and round the shop and try to find that single piece that will fit us perfectly but our size does not allow us to be freely available which is good in a way. We make our own space and that is so unique that the shops can’t afford to create one. I am running out of time so I will write another blog on this very soon till then take care bye. Be comfortable on your skin this word sounds really really fancy but it is very difficult to follow but still I would like to say that you should little by little follow these so that you can love yourself & not for anybody else. Bye again.

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