He all have different choices. We like different things. But only common thing is we all are humans and we all are kind in some ways and harsh in other ways. Sometimes the way we are harsh is not that harsh to the world but sometimes their kind of harsh is so freaking bitter that it causes harm to the world. So choose wisely. For example like when I had short hair people use to ask me why do you have short hair why don’t you keep long hair and blah blah but I used to like short hair. Right now I feel that I love long hair and our choices just changes you can’t ask like what do you like? Today I like something the very next day I might dislike something so it depends. So next time when someone ask you what do you like you just tell them I like something that is not constant. Makes sense right? This post is gonna be short because I am outside and I am gonna leave a message as soon as I return home and my next blog post will be on emotions. Take care and Bye.


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