Being emotional means being alive. We all have emotions within as but we are still told that to have less emotions. Have to listen from my mind and avoid emotional circumstances that is all are said by people. What about feeling the emotion deeply? Will it be wrong? Will it be difficult? The answer is yes. Just imagine that we are feeling the emotions deeply and people around us are commenting on that. That is why we stop being emotional and we listen to our mind. Let’s stop that. We can feel things as much as we want we can cry, we can laugh, we can be angry, we can be for example cranky or any other emotion. We should not be told by a stranger who is just knowing us for a while to stop feeling things and stop being emotional. Always be free to feel things and the emotional for example cry on a day when you remember that it was a sad day, laugh hard when you hear a joke and be angry when someone throws something bad on you and you feel that they have crossed the limit. That’s how human should behave. If you don’t react you are gonna regret later. When someone comments on something and it is about you and you feel like answering them back but you don’t , you feel like it’s the best to keep quiet and then after a while you realise that you should have told something you could have expressed yourself, so that is where you regret and you end up being sad. To stay alive one must react to things and one must speak up one must be free and don’t behave like so mechanical robots. I chose this topic because once I use to not react to things and I thought that is the best way to stay but later on when I discovered that you know reacting gives me joy, reacting makes me feel lighter I started reacting to things, initially the people who loved me they were like why is she reacting but later on they understood. There were few people who reacted back that I have changed and I have done something bad and I realise they were never my own. So you can see that being emotional can also be a reason how you can figure out who is your own and who is not. I will write more blogs on emotions so that we both can together understand and while writing I can realise certain things so that it is beneficial for you ,for me and for us. Take care. Bye.


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