Have you felt like really really empty? I know you all will agree with me. I don’t know from where to start, I have always been a shy kid in school and also in college. I started opening up during my MBA but my friends were special. They helped me to bring out the best in me. I started singing alone in public. But today when I stand during this hour of the day nobody is beside me. I still try to sing but nobody responds. I really feel terrible because if somebody gives you attention and then one day everything is taken away from you then you are left alone and empty, you’ll be broken. I am sure all of you have gone through something like this where people who promised to stay have gone forever. Best friends who were meant to stay left you. Now you feel so alone and empty that you just literally feel there is nothing else left in you. Specially when the night embraces me I feel like I literally don’t have anyone left and I can’t talk to anyone about anything that is going on in my life. I have people around me but they will never understand me, my pain and my journey. I’ve been on medication and therapy since 2016 for my mental health. Recently I have been under a special mental health care hospital. I was there for 4 months. The journey is not the same for everyone. I have to gulp a lot of pills to stay and behave sane because otherwise I breakdown, I have panic attacks, I have anxiety attacks and I can’t stand still because I am so tired and sometimes I am really furious. Now I know why people avoid me they don’t want drama. If anyone of you can relate to this post please contact me or comment so that I can realise that I am not the only one. You can write an email to me. My email ID is agnijadas@gmail.com. I’ll make sure that I reply to your email and we could have a conversation regarding this. You don’t have to be empty we all have to stick together. That’s all take care of yourself bye bye.


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