It’s difficult to mind your own business. I believe in caring for people and wanting them to do good in life. This thought process is good but sometimes it’s bad for me and my mental health. But what happens is I can’t stop myself from caring for people. I go on repeating the same mistake, but you know what I realised that caring for people is not that bad even if you don’t get anything in return. Many times they took me for granted, just ditched me and just went on in their lives. Initially it is difficult to digest but later on when I found that it is just beautiful to care for someone and not expect anything in return, it actually made sense. I’ll give you an example, during my MBA days, I use to call someone my best friend. I still remember when I got placed during campus placement, I wanted to enjoy and celebrate with my best friend but she had other priorities, she left me that night and went to some other person which apparently turned out to be more important than my success. The funniest part is I went till the gate to see her off and I came back to my room alone. That night I realised something that never care for someone that much that you give them the power to hurt you. There is another thing I want to tell you all that is even after this experience I can’t stop caring for people. Till date I have been caring for people and out of 100% 90% of them has not responded or have ditched me but the rest they have been with me, they love me and accept me the way I am. That is why don’t mind your own business, stop telling that to yourself because you know you can’t just mind your own business, you care for people and you are empathetic towards them and whatever happens with you, you never change as a person. You keep on spreading love caring for people and at the end of the day you win they lose. They lose you. That’s all for now I hope you all smile, spread love, be happy with yourself, be happy with your growth, be happy with everything you have got with you and it’s okay if you are sad, it’s ok if you are feeling not okay, it’s okay to talk about it either in private or in public, it’s okay! it’s okay. Take care of yourself bye-bye.


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