What is raw self? Is it the skin beneath our makeup? Or is it the way we want to be? Everyone wants to look pretty and there is no harm in doing some extra stuff on your face to look pretty. After all it is your own definition of pretty with or without makeup. I see many people trying to potray that flawed skin is actually the real skin. What is my real skin is the makeup skin? It’s very easy to be judgemental but it’s very difficult to not be bound by society rules. Once makeup used to be very very minimum thing to do now it is termed as something artificial. What if someone who is doing their makeup feels pretty and feels confident while putting their makeup on? There are people who don’t want to bring out their flaws in public and it is absolutely okay to do so. Highlight those eyebrows, put eyeliner on and where that stunning lipstick to look absolutely gorgeous. You don’t have to wear the skin you are not comfortable in, I mean it might be that without highlighting your eyebrows you might not like the look and that’s okay, so you can highlight those eyebrows and look confident and beautiful. If you want to apply a dark lipstick and be a slut, be a slut. This post is not offensive this post brings out the raw self within. That could be with makeup or without makeup. We need to bring out the best in us and if that makes us satisfied and happy then why not? Listen to me I know it is really nice and it takes guts to come out in public with no makeup on the true self the self we take with us before we sleep but trust me you don’t have to show that she to each and every person on this earth, your probably save it for you special person and the rest they don’t deserve to know your true self man to whatever you want to do with or without makeup. Okay then that’s all for today I really really hope that my blog will help few people who are trying not to put makeup on so that they can be acceptable in public but but but please put on your makeup and just be a bad ass. Take care. Bye.

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