How important is selfcare? For that we need to understand what is self care. Taking care of yourself, putting forward your opinion, putting forward your look out is self care. Self care means investing time in yourself, strictly concentrating on yourself. Self care is taking care of your mental health and physical health. Now what happens when we don’t take care of ourselves? Everyday we die, we cry. Everyday we lose ourselves bit by bit. We fail to understand the importance of boundaries, how important our priorities are and how that priority has to be us! My mom used to say that no one understands you better than you, so it’s a waste of time searching for someone else to actually understand you. When I say this I mean people may try to understand you and the effort is appreciated but they can’t really get you or know what you want. So you have to be vocal about it and that my love is self care. You have to put forward your needs and wants while loving yourself way more than everyone else. Once you start doing that, you’ll see the world will follow you. The Universe will be on your side. You’ll start catering to your own needs and you’ll be able to tell people what you exactly want and earn it. Self care will help you reach here and as I write trust me I’m still figuring out things and I want your support and love. Let me know if this thing works for you, i must say it is working for me as of now. So that’s all for now. Take care bye.


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