Yesterday I was thinking about writing a blog where I will discuss how a strong soul is actually not strong enough. I always tell people that strong things break easily but soft things embrace whatever it gets. This is quite a strong statement but just think about it. Being soft in this generation is not a curse but a bliss. Every time a situation which is difficult comes right in front of you if you are really very strong you’ll break, on the other hand if you are soft you will bend, twist but not break. You will gradually lose your shape but you always will have an option to come back. Roaming with a sellotape is worse than roaming with a lot of baggage. We are all very very strong but in that strong we are all blessed with something that’s soft and that will not break but will embrace. When I was having the worst face of my life fighting with mental illnesses, I was constantly told that you need to be stronger, you need to come out of that, you need to have a strong soul. I always thought that just because I am a soft soul, I am not able to come out of this mess but then something just triggered and I just knew what I had to do, rise and shine being a soft soul. I always wondered whether soft souls existed or not in the very same manner I also wondered if strong souls existed or not because we all break at some point so I really did not get the idea of being a strong soul. I know it is already confusing but let me clear the air we were talking about how we can both be strong and soft or how we can be either soft or strong. I always wanted to be a soft soul because I never really wanted to be strong like all the time, I wanted to cry, I wanted to have an emotional breakdown, I wanted to feel I wanted to laugh with all my heart I didn’t want to be caged by a tag. When I saw people around me being strong i pitied them, even though they were strong they were not allowed to break, they were not allowed to cry out loud, they were not allowed to have any emotional breakdown, they were not allowed to laugh freely,they were not allowed to breathe. I really felt bad for them because they were under the influence of some tags that made them feel superior and enough. There are some people who told the generation to be strong, to be wise, to be clever, to be cunning, what they did not teach is to be kind, to be loving, to be soft, to be empathetic, to be what they were meant to be. Think about it do you still want to be strong or you are happy being soft, kind, generous, loving and happy?


2 responses to “Do you still want to be a strong soul?”

  1. Looking for the Light Avatar

    I highlighted your blog yesterday.


    1. agnes22 Avatar

      Hey thank you for informing. Also thank you for appreciating. I am unable to comment somehow but I did love the presentation.

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