I realised that night is day for me. All the insomniacs raise your hand, I am here to talk about you. How many time you wanted to sleep but you couldn’t? How many times you thought that this is night but you were awake like it was a day? Yes I go through a similar pattern. Whenever I try to sleep I feel like somebody’s constantly calling me and telling me that I need to be awake, that I need to do all the day things, that I need to conquer the world at night. I feel trapped inside a night and I feel I only have a night to do everything. It is a helpless feeling. I am unable to make others understand that this is not a normal restlessness, it is not a result of daytime sleep but this is deeper than you think. When night comes we hit insomnia, we fight with insomnia, we deal with insomnia, we live with insomnia! I am not talking about remedy here because I myself is an insomniac but I can just assure you that you are not the only one. When I wake up in the morning after 15 minute nap my mother tells me why are you not able to get up? , I answer I was unable to sleep at night,she tells me not to check phone very often to go to sleep early and keep my phone away. I feel to answer her that even if I am not even looking at my phone I am unable to sleep. It is difficult and it is painful when the entire city is sleeping you are awake alone with no one beside you. This block was supposed to be really long but I really I am not able to express how I feel right now talking about insomnia. I love you guys. I know that you and me or not alone we have insomnia with us right? Well well! Jokes apart if you ever need someone to talk to at night you can drop me an email I will try to revert back. I’ve made friends with insomnia and I have stopped suffering since then. Also if you like this blog let me know and kindly give me suggestions about different topics you want me to discuss about in my next blog. Take care. Bye.


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